Chapter 2. Development

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Xubuntu packageset
Development PPAs

Xubuntu packageset

The Xubuntu team maintains a subset of packages in the Ubuntu archive. The Xubuntu packageset for the current development release can be found listed at the packageset archivearchive.

Development PPAs

The Xubuntu developers use several PPAs (personal package archives) for staging, testing and previewing new packages and package versions. These PPAs can be found under the Xubuntu Developers page on Launchpad.

Currently, the official PPAs for development use are:

PPA Description
Xubuntu Staging A staging PPA for Xubuntu. The packages and package versions in this PPA are being prepared for inclusion in Xubuntu. The packages are uploaded for the convenience of people testing these new package versions and features. Some of them are daily builds used in testing.
Xubuntu Daily Builds Git/Bzr daily builds for packages related to Xubuntu and/or Xfce4.
Xubuntu Extras A preview PPA for Xubuntu. The packages in this PPA are considered for inclusion in the Ubuntu repositories and/or Xubuntu at a later time. The packages are uploaded for the convenience of people willing to preview the new features.