Part I. Subteam Documentation

Table of Contents

2. Development
Xubuntu packageset
Development PPAs
3. Documentation
Building the documentation locally
Editing the User Documentation
Packages to be translated
Mainly built for and used by Xubuntu
Translation guidelines for Xubuntu packages
4. Testing Infrastructure
Getting ready to test
Getting the ISO
Methods of testing
Reporting your result
5. Package and ISO Testing
Exploratory Testing
Using Development PPAs
Static Testing
Milestone Testing
Daily Testing
Upgrade Testing
Package Testing
6. Dealing with bugs
Using tags for Xubuntu bug reports
Normal bug reporting
Reporting bugs with PPAs
Triaging bugs
Forwarding bugs upstream
7. QA Team Responsibilies
QA Team
Testing Responsibilities
Working with the QA Trackers
Working with Testcases
Communicating with Testers and Users
Release Responsibilities
Post Release Tasks
8. Website
Introduction to the Xubuntu web presence