Xubuntu Documentation

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This documentation provides information on some of the most common topics on using Xubuntu, including:

Chapter 7, Connecting to Internet and Networks

Chapter 9, Managing installed applications

In addition, this documentation has three quick guides:

Chapter 3, Getting to know your desktop environment

Chapter 5, Quick guide to default applications

Chapter 11, Keeping your computer and personal information safe

The complete set of topics is listed below. If you require help with a topic or problem that is not addressed by the documentation, go to the Help & Support page of the Xubuntu website. There you will find links to additional help resources.

If you would like to contribute to Xubuntu, including this documentation, see the Get Involved section of the Xubuntu website.

Table of Contents

1. What is Xubuntu?
A short introduction
Learn more about what makes Xubuntu
2. Migrating and Upgrading
Migrating from Windows
Upgrading Xubuntu
3. Getting to know your desktop environment
Files and directories
4. Settings and Preferences
Customizing the Menu
Customizing your personal info
Customizing the appearance
5. Quick guide to default applications
6. Media applications
Movies, DVDs and videos
Burning CDs and DVDs
7. Connecting to Internet and Networks
Network connections
Network troubleshooting
Connecting to servers
8. Printing and Scanning
9. Managing installed applications
Using Gnome Software
Additional software repositories
Installing packages without an Internet connection
Changing update frequency and behavior
10. Offline Package Management
Updating Repositories
Installing a Package
Upgrading Your System
11. Keeping your computer and personal information safe
Keep your software up to date
Tips for good online security
Back up on a regular basis
Consider encryption
Using your computer in a shared environment
12. Hardware devices
Restricted drivers
Disks and partitions
Suspending and Hibernating
Mice and keyboards
13. Administrative tasks
Users and groups
14. The command line
Running commands with administrative rights
Common commands
A. Application table
Settings Manager
Behind the scenes
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