When it comes time to deploy a release (both milestones and final) several conditions must be met:

When a release is made, the Xubuntu Release Team must follow the release process specified below. The release process ensures that the new release has sufficient release notes and release announcement and that all release-specific communication is updated to inform about the new release. Where needed, advice from the Ubuntu release team should be asked for.

Scheduled time Action
User Interface Freeze Upload artwork and slideshow packages
Documentation String Freeze Update translation templates
Upload documentation packages
Non-Language Pack Translation Deadline Upload documentation and slideshow packages
14 days before release Reminder to update the website FAQ (final release only)
7 days before release Start preparing release notes and release announcement
Make the tracker start tracking the next release
Release day Publish release announcement and notes
Update the website, IRC channel topics and social media outlets with new release information
After release (final release only) Set the new development version as the default in the tracker
Set up appropriate branches (documentation, ...) in Launchpad
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